Alfred Cheney Johnston & The Ziegfeld Girls



Page, Anita: [ACJ]

Dr. Macro's Annex (pic 03)

Although not listed on, it's obvious from her costume in the pic I have that Anita Page performed in a Ziegfeld production.

Paige, Jean: [ACJ]

(July 3, 1895 - December 15, 1990) Jean Paige was a silent film star who performed in films from 1917-1924. She came to prominence in a Vitagraph film called Too Many Crooks (1919). As Charlotte Brown she made a star part out of a bit part. Jean never appeared on stage and had no experience in movies prior to becoming a Vitagraph leading woman. Her first screen appearance came in O.Henry features on two reels. Her role in Too Many Crooks led Vitagraph President Albert E. Smith to elevate her position at the film studio.

Painter, Eleanor: [ACJ]

(c. 1890 - November 4, 1947) Eleanor Painter performed on Broadway from 1914-1927.

Palmer, Bee:

Bee Palmer: The Shimmy Queen

Dr. Macro's High Quality Movie Scans Website

Bee Palmer performed in the Ziegfeld Follies of 1918. According to the theatre program, she also performed in the Midnight Frolic of July 29, 1918.

Palmer, Cathryn Rowe:

Cathryn Rowe Palmer performed in Ziegfeld's musical The Century Girl (1916-1917).

Parker, Jean: [ACJ]


NY Times

(August 11, 1915 - November 30, 2005) Jean Parker was a film star who performed in films from 1932-1966. She also performed on Broadway from 1946-1949.

Parks, Blanche: (and Ziegfeld Cast Pic, candid)

According to a photo in Theatre Magazine, August 1920, Blanche Parks performed in the Ziegfeld Follies of 1920. I don't find her listed in the theatre programs for the July Follies or the May Nine O'Clock and Midnight Frolics so it's likely she performed in a different month or was a chorine.

Parsons, Patricia: [ACJ]

Dr. Macro's Annex (pic 01)

Patricia Parsons performed on Broadway from 1932-1933.

Patterson, Anne Lee: [ACJ]

Dr. Macro's Annex (pics 01 - 03)

Miss U.S.A. of 1931, Anne Lee Patterson also performed in the Ziegfeld Follies that same year. Her images are sometimes misnamed Anna Lee Peterson.

Patterson, Ruth: [ACJ]

Ruth Patterson performed in Ziegfeld's musical Smiles (1930-1931) and in the Ziegfeld Follies of 1931.

"Ruth K. Patterson, Miss New York in the 1926 Miss America pageant, may not have walked off with the crown. But she, not winner Norma Smallwood, was invited by Florenz Ziegfeld to join the cast of Rio Rita." [David S. Shields]

Pearson, Virginia: [ACJ]

(March 7, 1886 - June 6, 1958) In Virginia Pearson's silent heyday, this dark-eyed beauty was known as "the screen's heretic" and reigned along with Theda Bara, Louise Glaum and Valeska Suratt as Hollywood's most notorious vamps. She went out of style after WWI and by 1924 had to declare bankruptcy. Thereafter she was reduced to extra parts and was forced to live with her husband, former actor Sheldon Lewis, in a small Hollywood Hotel room. Virginia Pearson also performed on Broadway in 1910 and 1913.

"In the late 1910s Virginia Pearson was Fox's second string vamp, a role that Pearson suffered because she was probably the company's premier actress in terms of breadth of ability. (She eventually wrangled a production company, so she had negotiation skills as well.) This image dates from 1921, during a spate of motion picture publicity portraits that ACJ shot after forming in April of 1921 a publicity office with the ex-Famous Players-Lasky PR guru, James Hood MacFarland. Located at 67-69 West 46th Street, Johnston-MacFarland immediately began providing the New York based offices of Selznik pictures with portraits for national publicity (scads of Elaine Hammerstein images). The pages of Moving Picture World in 1920 and '21 are saturated with ACJ portraits glamming motion picture stars." [David S. Shields]

Pelham, Peggy: [ACJ]

No info available on Peggy Pelham.

Penman, Kathryn (aka Penman, Katherine): [no pics]

According to the theatre program, Kathryn Penman performed in the Ziegfeld Follies of 1925 (Jan 1926, Forrest Theatre, Phil PA). She performed as Katherine Penman in Ziegfeld's musical comedy No Foolin' (1926).

Pennington, Anne: [ACJ]

NY Times


Broadway Photographs: Biography

Dr. Macro's Annex (pics 01 & 02)

(December 23, 1893 - November 4, 1971) Famous for her dimpled knees, diminutive Ann Pennington was one of Broadway impresario Florenz Ziegfeld's most charming discoveries whose signature dance, "The Black Bottom," came to epitomize her era. She performed in the Ziegfeld Follies of 1913 through 1916, 1918, 1922, and 1924, and Ziegfeld's musical Miss 1917. According to the NY Times rotogravure, she also performed in the Midnight Frolic of 1917. According to the theatre program, she also performed in the Ziegfeld Follies-Frolic Ball of 1918.

Perry, Eileen: [ACJ]

Dr. Macro's Annex (pics 01 & 02)

No info available on Eileen Perry.

Perry, Kathryn (aka Perry, Katherine): [ACJ]

Dr. Macro's Annex (pics 01 - 02)

(January 5, 1897 - October 14, 1983) Kathryn Perry performed in the Ziegfeld Follies of 1911, 1917, 1918, and 1919 and in the Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic of July 29, 1918. She also performed in Ziegfeld's musicals The Century Girl (1916-1917) and Miss 1917 (1917-1918). According to the theatre programs, she also performed in the Ziegfeld Follies-Frolic Ball of 1918, the Ziegfeld Nine O'Clock Revue of March 8, 1920 (aka Ziegfeld Girls of 1920), and the Ziegfeld Nine O'Clock and Midnight Frolics of 1920 (May 31 edition).

Peterson, Anna Lee: [ACJ] (see Patterson, Anne Lee) Peterson, Marjorie:

Marjorie Peterson performed in Ziegfeld's musical comedy Annie Dear (1924-1925).

Phane, Theo: [ACJ] (see Plane, Theo)

Philips, Mary (aka Phillips, Mary):

(January 23, 1901 - April 22, 1975) Although not listed on ibdb, Mary Philips (under the name Mary Phillips) performed in the Ziegfeld Follies of 1925. As Mary Philips she performed on Broadway from 1919-1945. She also performed in films from 1930-1954. She was Humphrey Bogart's first wife.

Pickford, Mary: [ACJ]


Mary Pickford Institute

Dr. Macro's Annex (pics 01 - 05 & 21, 22)

(April 8, 1892 – May 29, 1979) Mary Pickford performed on Broadway from 1905-1913. Known as "America's Sweetheart," she was also a film actress from 1909-1933. She was also a writer, producer and director and a co-founder of United Artists Pictures.

Pierce, Edith: [ACJ]

Edith Pierce performed on Broadway from 1916-1925.

Pierre, Gloray: [ACJ]

HRC Florenz Ziegfeld Collection

Gloray Pierre does not show up on but there is a photo of her in the HRC Florenz Ziegfeld Collection.

Pierre, Martha: [ACJ]

Martha Pierre as Candelabrum Girl - Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic of 1920 - by Alfred Cheney Johnston (click for larger image)

Martha Pierre performed in the Ziegfeld Follies of 1919, 1923, and 1924. She also performed as Candelabrum Girl in Ziegfeld's Midnight Frolic of 1920. According to the theatre programs, she also performed in the Ziegfeld Nine O'Clock Revue of March 8, 1920 (aka Ziegfeld Girls of 1920) and the Ziegfeld Nine O'Clock and Midnight Frolics of 1920 (May 31 edition).

Pierson, Nina:

Biographical info courtesy of Robert G. Nina Pierson was his grandmother's cousin!

"Nina was - and is - somewhat of a legendary figure in our family. My grandmother knew her (in the Wisconsin days, before Nina left for New York), and the "legend" is that Nina took her life when Flo Ziegfeld tossed her aside for another woman.

Which just goes to show how rumor can become fact over the years!

Nina was born in 1904 in Spooner, WI, and was a schoolteacher in the Duluth, MN, area when singer Rudy Vallee saw her in Duluth and was so struck by her beauty that he arranged an interview with Ziegfeld sometime in the early 1920s. Nina was signed to a showgirl contract immediately and spent the mid-1920s in the Follies, both in New York and on the road.

She was never involved with Ziegfeld romantically (that I know of) but was in love with the New York playboy, Tommy Manville, for awhile, before marrying millionaire Paul Leviton in London in 1934. They divorced in 1935. Nina spent most of the 1930s in New York and traveling in Europe. Tragically, she died suddenly and unexpectedly of an embolism at the Hotel George V in Paris in the fall of 1938, age 34.

As an aside, once she was established in New York, she brought her younger sister, Vinnie Pearson (Nina changed the spelling of her name from "Pearson" to "Pierson") to live with her. Vinnie married the son of the Mexican Ambassador to the U.S., and, much later, Sir Eustace Tennyson d'Eyncourt, a British nobleman. Vinnie just passed away in 1999, age 92. She, too, was a real beauty, just like her sister."

Thank you so much, Robert!

Plane, Theo: [ACJ]

Theo Plane had an uncredited part in a film in 1933. Her images are usually named Theo Phane.

Pomfret, Elva:

Elva Pomfret performed in Ziegfeld's musical Kid Boots (1923-1925) and according to a Ziegfeld Club program photo I have, she also performed in the Ziegfeld Follies.

Pope, Cathleen:

Info to be added. [TBA]

Porter, Vivian: [ACJ]

Dr. Macro's Annex (pics 01 & 02)

Vivian Porter performed in the Ziegfeld Follies of 1931.

Post, Barbara: [ACJ]

No info available on Barbara Post. The photo I have is ad work done by ACJ.

Post, Emily: [ACJ]


(October 27, 1873 - September 25, 1960) Emily Post was a United States author who promoted what she considered "proper etiquette." After 1931, Post spoke on radio programs and wrote a column on good taste for the Bell Syndicate. Emily Post's name has become synonymous, at least in North America, with proper etiquette and manners. Nearly half a century after her death, her name is still used in titles of etiquette books.

Prevost, Marie: [ACJ]


NY Times

Dr. Macro's Annex (pics 01 - 04)

(November 8, 1898 - January 23, 1937) Marie Prevost was a famous film star who performed from 1915-1936.

Prevost, Peggy (aka Prevost, Marjorie or Marjory): [ACJ]

(April 22, 1904 - March 6, 1965) Peggy Prevost was a silent film star and the sister of Marie Prevost. She performed in films from 1916-1925.

Price, Geneva: [ACJ]

Geneva Price performed on Broadway from 1923-1926. Her pics are sometimes named Genexa Price.

Price, Margaret:

Although not listed in ibdb, I have a photo of her signed: Sincerely, Margaret Price "Sally" Co. 1923-24. Also a photo of the verso, which is a long hand-written description that states she was the youngest in Sally at age 15 and was in the Ziegfeld Follies.

Princess Matchabelli (aka Carmi, Maria): [ACJ]


Dr. Macro's Annex (pic 01)

(March 3, 1880 – June 15, 1957) Princess Matchabelli (aka Maria Carmi) performed on Broadway from 1924-1927.

Princess White Deer (aka White Deer): [ACJ]

Princess White Deer performed in the Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic of 1920 (Feb 1, 1921 edition) and in the Ziegfeld 9 O'Clock Frolic of 1921 (Feb 8, 1921 - Mar 1921). According to the theatre program, she also performed in the Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic of 1921 (April 11 edition).

Biographical info, courtesy of pgalperin (Thank you!): Iroquois Tribe, Mohawk - Akwesasne people of the St. Lawrence Seaway region. Born Esther Louise Georgette Deer of Chief James Deer and Georgette Osborne Deer in 1891. Died in New York City, Feb. 1992 at the age of 100+. She performed not only with Ziegfeld but with other Broadway productions including "Hitchy Koo" (1919); "Tip Top" (1920); "The Yankee Princess" and "Lucky" (1927). Presided at the dedication of Lake Mowhawk (Sparta, NJ) to the Mohawk people in 1927.

From Johnny (thanks!): Princess White Deere: b. Philadelphia, PA, USA. d. 1992. Born Esther Deer, a full-blooded Mohawk woman, she is now called the first American Indian to gain fame as a dancer and vocalist. Originally she toured around the world as part of 'Texas Jack’s Wild West Show' but later broke away, and with her own family formed 'The Deer Family Troupe' western show, usually billed as "The Famous Deer Brothers Champion Indian Trick Riders of the World," which performed across Europe and America in the early 1900's. However, Esther Deer only gained national fame when she left the show and became a solo act working in the "Florenz Ziefeld Follies" where she sang and danced - crossing over from "Wild West" to straight ahead vaudeville.

If you have further info on Princess White Deer, please contact me so I can forward the info to pgalperin. Thank you.

Pritchard, Frances: [ACJ]

Frances Pritchard performed on Broadway from 1915-1917.