Wireless Embedded Systems Engineer


Hardware, Software and Documentation - Design, Deployment and Support



I consider myself a permanent resident of Tucson, Arizona, and I do not intend to relocate in the near future. Moving isn't really an option for me because I couldn't sell my house in this market even if I wanted to. Some of the neighbors on my street have had their houses for sale for years now with no takers.

I am currently employed full-time, and I am unable to take additional contract work at this time. My current employment obligation will end in June of 2009, but I already have another long-term commitment following my current job, and I do not know at this time how long my next job will last.

While I may not be available for work right away, I am always interested in networking and opportunities within the field of wireless embedded systems, so please e-mail me ( rich@richritter.com ) if you have work or are looking for work in this area, especially if you live and/or work in Arizona.