Wireless Embedded Systems Engineer


Hardware, Software and Documentation - Design, Deployment and Support


Advanced Digital Systems, Inc. VLM-2000 with ADS SPM-9600 RF packet data modem, TAIT 450 MHz radio, and ruggedized laptop for Computer-Aided Dispatching (CAD) applications


  • Education

1990-1996, 2003-2004
B.Sc. Computer Engineering
University of Arizona, May 2004

Problem solving, fundamentals of engineering (chemistry, math, physics), technical communication and engineering process and ethics

Analog circuits, digital logic, microprocessor-based design (6502, 68000), assembly language, PSpice, MATLAB, MathCAD

OOD, AI, TCP/IP, C/C++ (GCC), C#.Net, UNIX, Java (J2EE)

  • Other Experience

Veteran, U.S. Army
(3 years active duty, 1986 to 1989)
Material Handling and Storage Specialist

Teamwork, punctuality, flexibility, responsibility, motivation, determination, leadership, integrity, loyalty, duty, respect, courage, initiative

Deployed full time to Bad Kreuznach, Germany for over 2 years

"An Army of One"

  • Licenses/etc.

FCC Amateur Radio Technician Class, KD7YCM

Member of IEEE

Member of ARRL