Wireless Embedded Systems Engineer


Hardware, Software and Documentation - Design, Deployment and Support

  • 1996 to 2003

    Senior Embedded Systems Engineer

    Advanced Digital Systems, Inc., Tucson, AZ

As the senior embedded systems engineer at ADS, I was responsible for design, implementation, testing, documentation, deployment, and support of embedded hardware and software products for Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD), and remote telemetry and control applications.

I worked with a wide variety of embedded wireless and wide-area networking hardware and software technology at ADS and gained valuable design and technical documentation experience. My time with ADS gave me great confidence in my ability to quickly adapt and learn new skills in the rapidly evolving field of wireless embedded technology.


ADS, Inc. VLM-2000 with Trimble Navagation SK8-II GPS receiver, Wilke Technology Tiny Tiger microcontroller, and Novatel Expedite Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) modem

Worked with analog and digital inputs, digital outputs, Global Positioning System (GPS) and wireless RF (based on TAPR X.25 technology) and cellular (CDPD and iDEN) packet modem technology to implement vehicle tracking, telemetry and remote control applications.

Designed, implemented and tested embedded control firmware in ANSI C for an Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) embedded control system with an IAR IDE.

Designed, implemented and tested the VLM-2000 embedded control system (hardware and firmwareware) based on the Wilke Technology Tiny Tiger microcontroller (in BASIC, see illustration) to replace an obsolete existing design.

Designed a binary content protocol (ADSPack) for ADS AVL/CAD applications and provided embedded implementation for the ADS binary transport protocol for Wide Area Networking communications (ADSWAN).

Wrote end-user and back-end GUIs for ADS Wide-Area Network CAD applications using MS VB 6 with SourceSafe, IPWorks TCP/UDP, serial/parallel I/O, MapInfo, SQL and Oracle.

Prepared schematics, user's manuals, technical manuals, proposals, and reports for ADS products using ORCAD and Microsoft Office with Visio.

Participated in on-site testing, deployment, customer training and support activities throughout the product life-cycle.




Advanced Digital Systems, Inc. dispatcher's workstation for the Fleet Management and Dispatch System (FMDS), an integrated suite of hardware and software products designed to automate fleet data mangement, call-taking, dispatching, communications, and vehicle administration