Wireless Embedded Systems Engineer


Hardware, Software and Documentation - Design, Deployment and Support

Rich Ritter


Me with a prototype of the Advanced Digital Systems, Inc. multi-protocol Master Control Unit (MCU) for both CDPD and conventional RF data communications, with four 450 MHz TAIT radio/repeater channels using ADS SPM-9600 RF packet data modems

  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering (University of Arizona - May, 2004)

  • 9 Years hands-on Embedded Systems Engineering experience with Advanced Digital Systems, Argo Tracker, and Securaplane Technologies

  • FCC Amateur Radio Technician Class license (KD7YCM)

  • Flexible, Adaptable, Productive, Learns Quickly, Plays Well with Others

  • Hardware: A/D Circuits, CPUs, SBCs, PALs/PLDs, Parallel and Serial I/O, GPS, Remote Telemetry and Control

  • Programming (Embedded and End-User): C/C++ (GCC/UNIX), C# and VB (Visual Studio 6/.Net), Java (J2EE), SQL, OOD, AI, MS Windows 98/NT/2k/XP

  • Software: MS Visual Studio 6 and .Net with SourceSafe, OrCAD, TurboCAD, Oracle, MS Project and Visio, mySQL, MS Embedded NT

  • Communications: ADS SPM (RF Packet), CDPD, iDEN, OSI, TCP/IP, 802.3/11b, GPS, trunked and conventional RF, with and without repeaters

  • Documentation: Proposals, Specifications, Project Plans, Test Plans, User and Technical Manuals (MS Office 2k/XP)

  • Veteran, U.S. Army (Teamwork, Dependability, Integrity)

  • Member of IEEE and ARRL

I am a talented and experienced computer engineer (hardware and software) with over twelve years of real-time embedded systems and applications engineering experience. I regularly perform a wide variety of embedded hardware and software engineering tasks including design, documentation, testing, installation, training and support functions.

I have over nine years of experience as an embedded systems engineer, designing embedded hardware with OrCAD and writing firmware in C and BASIC for various embedded 6502, TIGER, MSP430, HC08, ColdFire and ARM7 processors to implement wireless automatic vehicle location systems and other embedded control applications.

My hardware skills include the ability to read and draw schematic diagrams, and I have interfaced embedded processors to GPS receivers, wireless modems, LCD displays, keypads, RS-232 ports, I2C, SPI and CAN busses, A/D converters and digital I/O for remote embedded terminal, location reporting and sensing/control applications.

In order to provide communications support for embedded applications, I have designed binary and ASCII application-layer communication protocols and written protocol handlers both for these protocols and the protocols used by the peripherals I've interfaced with, including transport, network, and baseband layer compatibility resolution.

For host-side support, I have five years experience writing back-end networking utilities and end user applications in VB6 and VB.Net for computer aided dispatching and wide-area mobile data applications, with host-side database integration via SQL, Oracle and MS Access, using the VB6, C# and VB .Net Windows application development environments.

I often install and troubleshoot embedded products and host software in the field where I am far from my IT people, so I have had to learn how to perform many common IT tasks such as installation, configuration and troubleshooting of the Windows operating system, drivers, end-user applications and networking hardware and software components.

The documentation support I have provided for embedded systems development includes proposals, requirements specifications, design documents, test plans, user's manuals and field-service manuals, all prepared in accordance with ISO and IEEE standards as necessary. 

Thank you very much for taking the time to review my credentials and experience.






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Advanced Digital Systems

University of Arizona

Tucson Arizona

U. S. Army

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The ADS, Inc. VLM (Vehicle Logic Module) 2000, my embedded control solution for Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD), and remote telemetry and control applications