Michael J. Sweedo, C.L.P.E.


I can do most of my work from photographs and reports and therefore don't need to be on-site (eliminating travel expenses). Generally, I would come to your location only if needed to testify.

On those occasions when evidence itself needs to be examined and can't be released from law enforcement, it can be transferred to an agency in the Tucson area where I can examine it under the supervision of a law enforcement agent -- eliminating both high travel expenses and the need for the evidence to leave custody.

There are few others, if any, with my qualifications working in this field that are not connected with a law enforcement agency (i.e., working for prosecution and possibly carrying a bias). My examinations give you a neutral view of the case and the evidence presented.

I maintain high standards of thoroughness and honesty and will not act as a "liar for hire".

I am competitively priced and will do what I can to work within the Defenders Office or courts' pricing structure, including issuing a "not to exceed" estimate.

I'm only a day away by Federal Express and, with faxes, etc., can get information back and forth as quickly as someone on the other side of town.

Mike Sweedo
P.O. Box 129
Sonoita, AZ 85637
(520) 455-5697

Cell Phone: (520) 403-5383